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About Us
「Professional, honest and prudent」
「Professional, honest and prudent」We uphold the business philosophy of 「constantly innovating, seeking better」 is our management objectives.

Zhen He Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional of [ashes cabinet, urn cabinets, altar hall] design manufacturer. Responsible person is Mr. Lu Chang Wei (Shui Yuan), who has『20 years』" pagoda ashes cabinet market professional management experience, specializing in high-end markets ashes cabinet VIP. Trend of the times, to adopt aluminum alloy material structure, combined with modern art aesthetics, Japanese classical sculpture , echoing generations, the successful collection of value of life, honor specifically designed for each customer attributes, uniqueness and corporate visualize the exclusive products. Major customers are domestic first level of the pagoda: Chin Pao San Group, Lung Yen Group, Fu Tan Group, Da An Group... and other domestic public and private pagoda, operational tentacles from a local on the international: Japan, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and other places, during the ODM orders for accepting Japan's temper, more import international technology, standardization of production quality management concepts, so that our product quality excellence to the next level, the deep trust of the Japanese manufacturers.
Because understand, so innovation

Listen carefully to each customer's needs, from design, drawing, sculpture, molding, mass production of consistent operations, more than 3,300 square meters of professional workshop to meet customer One stop shopping needs. We love this land; stick with Made in Taiwan supply of materials and human resources, to get rid of price competition with other nation’s inferior materials, allowing customers to buy peace of mind, so that dead loved ones rest in peace.
「Every period of life should be cherished, each beginning and end of life, should be heartfelt thanks.」

The organizational structure of the company is divided into five divisions:
R & D department, production works department, business department, general department, administration department, closely interlinked rings complicated step is the key to presenting a perfect work.
R & D
Divided into interior design team and product development team, owned by the Government of qualified interior design verification certification, is one of the few services to customers in the team overall planning, strict requirements texture and heritage value of the product, the technology into the design of products, to provide comprehensive and professional service quality.
Into the production sector team and assembly sector team, the only set near "4000 square meters" professional production line manufacturer in the industry, make a systematic process applied consistently for more efficient, with an average annual production of 100,000 panels.
Into foreign team and domestic team, the main customer base at the domestic level pagoda: Chin Pao San Group, Lung Yen Group, Fu Tan Group, Da An Group... and other domestic public and private pagoda, working more from aboard the International reach in: Japan, U.S., Singapore , Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and other places.
Into purchasing team and accounting team, the quality of the product and let the computer output systematic mass production of the product and processes to maintain good quality and efficiency to reassure customers’ orders to Everglory will cause Ltd..
Management Department
Into production team and quality management team, with the computer system requirements for product quality, systematic processes and requirements carefully every aspect, these all are our uphold the concept.